Material description: 

Seat upholstered, base black. Table painted metal. Screen fully upholstered.



Electricity outlet.

Podseat and Podsofa are extensions of Diagonal and offer a well-matched, wider and a more holistic approach to the modern office environment. Together with Diagonal, these products create flexible areas that boost the productivity and well-being of a company’s employees by offering various ways of meeting, focusing and reading.

PodSofa is a sofa for two. The screen is available in either symmetrical or asymmetrical versions and laptop tables are available as an option.

Product code: 

2982 (L/R/S) = fully upholstered sofa
L = asymmetrical screen; from front the left side of the screen is longer
R = asymmetrical screen; from front the right side of the screen is longer
S = symmetrical screen; long screen on both sides
PL = optional lap top table