Material description: 

Seat material: oak, ash, stained ash, laminate (white or black). Upholstery alternatives: without upholstery, seat and backrest upholstered, fully upholstered. Base: white, black or chrome. Felt glides. Armrests: plastic (dark grey).

Fabric consumption: 

Seat: 0.5 m / 2 pcs, seat and backrest: 0.85 m / 2 pcs, fully upholstered: 0.9 m.



Row connector.

Sola is a universal chair with a four leg base. There are several upholstery options, including non-upholstery. The seat is available in several different materials and also with a sled base.

Sola chairs' careful finish, approachable form and various frame options means that it easily fits into different types of spaces. The Sola chair can be used on its own or in large groups that look great in any space.

Thanks to row connection and stackability the Sola chair is ideal also for learning environments.

In addition to the universal chair with two differend bases the Sola chair series designed by Antti Kotilainen also includes a barstool of two different heights.

In production 05/2014.

Product code: 

377A (AC/ABC/AD) = four leg base, without upholstery, without armrests
378A (AC/ABC/AD) = four leg base, without upholstery, with armrests
B = upholstered backrest
C = upholstered seat
D = fully upholstered