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Martela is one of Northern Europe's leading companies offering interior solutions for public spaces and companies. Martela has a rich product and service portfolio with over sixty years of experience on its field. Martela is growing and there are countless opportunities for you to realise your potential. Hundreds of employees choose to work at Martela because of the engaging job roles, great team spirit and the development opportunities they experience.


Careers at Martela

Martela’s success is dependent on a skilled and motivated personnel who enjoy their work. Martela offers various job roles both for office and production employees. For example assembler, upholsterer and sewer are most typical jobs at production. Office employees are mainly working in Sales, Marketing, F&C, IT and other support functions.


Recruitment at Martela

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Martela as an employer

Martela was established  in year 1945 and it has its foundations  deep in Finland. Martela’s background is that of a family business. In our operations we want to take long term look into the future, to respect traditions and build long-term relationships with our customers, subcontractors and cooperative partners. Valuing interpersonal relations makes Martela a truly family-like community. In family company personnel is valued and effort of each employee is meaningful and important.

Martela's operations are based on the company's values. Their purpose is to be visible in all activities related to the company and its employees. Values represent the things that Martela basically is, and which are appreciated in Martela. Values send a message to customers and other stakeholders and is of paramount importance.  Martela’s  values are

• Family business
• Passion for innovations
• User driven design
• Finnish

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Development focus is the driving force in Martela. Martela is the  forerunner of industry and  wants to be the first to bring new ideas to market.  Martela is following intensively, how the need of client is developing and  what kind of changes can be expected in work life in near future and in longer term.  Martela is developing continuously   products, services and  operations – processes, methods, systems and structure.

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Martela’s reason for being, mission is Better Interiors. With its Mission, Martela helps its customers towards still better business premises solutions.
Martela's goal for the future , vision is the appellation Leading Finnish Interior Brand - Martela wants to be the leading name in Finnish interior design.
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Responsibility plays an important role in Martela and guides all employees in their daily activities. Responsibility means different things for different jobs, but as a principle is of paramount importance for every Martela employee.

Martela’s success is based on ensuring that its personnel are skilled and motivated and enjoy their work. Through responsible human resources management, we can be sure that these personnel qualities are maintained in both the short and the long term. Our HR management is based on the company’s values and good business practices. The principles incorporated in the company’s HR policy are aimed at clarifying and harmonising our HR management process and maintaining and developing a good corporate and employer image. Our management method is based on accountability, respect for individuals and target-orientation.

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