Material description: 

Glass panels: 5+5 mm, sound control interlayer, laminated.
Rear wall: White laminate MDF, recycled Ewona polyester wool inside, covered with black felt.
White profiles: RAL9016.
Ceiling: White laminated MDF, covered with black felt mat.
Acoustic element (ceiling): Upholstered recycled Ewona polyester wool panel.
Fabric: Fame, dark grey.
Floor: White MDF.
Floor mat: Black tufted carpet.
Table: Painted (red, NCS 1580R, as standard). Acoustically treated with Ewona polyester wool.
Door: Dark grey, NCS S8000N, painted MDF sandwich structure, recycled Ewona polyester wool interlayer, inside covered with black felt, noiseless gas spring.
Width 135 cm
Height 220 cm
Depth 88 cm
Door width 81 cm
Other technical properties:
Ventilation: forced air circulation with office space, automatically activated by motion sensor.
Lighting: 1x 3W LED light.
Electric sockets: On a surface of the table.
Internet connection: WLAN works inside the booth.



Integrated seat with a foot ring, base black.
Height adjustable, integrated seat with a foot ring, base black.
Seat available with several upholstery options.
Wall-mounted coat hanger holder with or without a mirror, black.
Coat hanger, black.

The Hush Phone Booth is a private-feeling space. Thanks to the optimized dimensions that allow for flexible placement and repositioning it can be easily placed along corridors and in non-working spaces, or back-to-back in pairs, to make almost any location usable and private. Stepping inside, the lighting and ventilation system are automatically activated by motion sensor, while the door closes softly and securely on a noiseless gas spring. The interior is lined with sound-damping material, which prevents echoes and adds to the comfort of the space - it is so pleasant to be in. But perhaps more important than the cozy quietness of the interior is the great feeling of safety and privacy that users experience. This is because those inside are not so visible from the outside.

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